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Thanks to Cathedral 13 for supporting The Daughters of Bristol…just listening the other day and our track 10,000 Knives from the Holts Summit EP was playing…please check them out…they play some of the best deathrock, darkwave, postpunk, and goth music from the most well known to the newly discovered artists…

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The Daughters of Bristol’s most recent release “The Moore Hotel - EP" is finally on iTunes…wanted to make sure everyone was aware, since we had a few people message the band and Magnolia Recordings last week when it wasn’t available…sorry for the delay and thanks for your support…

Posted 3 weeks ago

The Daughters of Bristol just released The Moore Hotel EP - here’s another track worth checking out called “Change of Heart" - please let us know your thoughts…

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New Music From The Daughters of Bristol

We’re excited to announce ”The Moore Hotel EP" is now available for download and streaming. As a band, we decided to strip down some of our most recent ideas; very much under the influence of Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave. Our fans shouldn’t be too surprised, since acoustic guitars and piano have surfaced on many of our releases. 

We hope you enjoy this new collection of 6 songs on ”The Moore Hotel EP”.  It won’t be very long until we’re back into the studio and working on our next full length album. Thanks again for listening and we appreciate all your support.

See you soon online, 

Joseph, Aaron & Edward
The Daughters of Bristol

The Moore Hotel EP

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A good summers night out in Seattle…Echo & The Bunnymen entertained us at the Showbox downtown…Ian McCulloch still has his pipes from the 80’s…

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Yes, a little late, but after the sad passing of drummer Tommy Ramone a couple weeks ago…an older Ramones bio Tommy had crafted in 1975 starting circulating online…we thought others would get a kick out of it if we decided to rework The Daughters of Bristol band bio like theirs…

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Thanks to Sharon McKenzie in Canada for supporting The Daughters of Bristol…Magnolia Recordings just informed us your cd’s just went out today in the mail…hopefully we can cross the border soon and play some shows up north eh…

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In case you didn’t know…The Daughters of Bristol’s song “Die Like The Best” from the full length album “The Ave” is a reference to the greatest Northern Irish football (soccer) player George Best…unfortunately his appearance was never able to grace The World Cup…

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The March Violets kicked off their “Into The Sun Tour” and played El Corazone last night here in Seattle…after a long day watching World Cup Fútbol matches…this was a great end to a Saturday…I would say the majority of us in attendance had waited many years for this and we weren’t disappointed…

The Daughters of Bristol - Here You Are

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Preview: “Here You Are” - The Daughters of Bristol - The Moore Hotel EP…though it has taking us a bit longer than expected, we are about done finishing up the new release…as mentioned in previous posts, this collection of songs are being brought to life mainly through piano and acoustic guitars…very much under the influence of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, etc…we hope you enjoy and thanks again for your support…

The Daughters of Bristol are a goth rock band founded in 2002 and based in Seattle, Washington.

Joseph Ronin - vox, guitars, bass & programming

Edward Nicholas - guitars, bass & programming

Aaron Brown - guitars, bass & programming
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